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Rimfrost – “A Swedish Black Metal Blizzard”

Rimfrost - "Veraldar Nagli" (2009)

Rimfrost – “Veraldar Nagli” (Season of Mist, 2009)

As I have mentioned several times before, many Black Metal bands have forgotten that the term “Black Metal” is shorthand for Black HEAVY Metal. Instead they think it stands for “Black Depeche Mode” or something equally ludicrous and un-rocking.  Thank God, Satan or Odin – take your pick – Sweden’s Rimfrost aren’t interested in phony dark atmospherics and “textures”; they are only interested in bludgeoning the listener.

Who are Rimfrost? They are a duo of “corpse paint” wearing metal dudes who live in Boras, Sweden and they are damn proud of that fact based on how many times they mention it. The singer and guitarist, Hravn, began jamming with Throllv, the drummer in 2002 at the tender of age of 14 so they are now approaching their wizened and elderly mid-20s. Rimfrost don’t have a permanent bass player at this point but Peter Laustsen (Nox Aurea, ex-The Cold Existence) plucked four strings on the album.*

Speaking of the record, “Veraldar Nagli” is Rimfrost‘s second slab of vinyl. According to the band’s myspace site, the album’s title translates into “Axis of the World,” which means the North Star.* It is their first album for the always interesting French record label, A Season of Mist.

What does it sound like? The band’s mission statement reads like this: “The Swedes from Borås are organically fusing Black, Death and Thrash Metal into a mighty sound of their own.”* While that description is a little over the top, you can’t blame a band for trying so make themselves sound more distinctive than they are. The truth is, though, Rimfrost are  heavy like “a cement mixer filled with anvils,” as one person put it. And I liked this album after the first few seconds of the first song because it sounded like heavy metal. No long “intros” to slog through – just heaviness based on riffs you can imagine Iron Maiden or Metallica or some other metal band playing.

Rimfrost – “Varaldar Nagli”


My enthusiasm for this record now brings us to a point that I have been studiously avoiding – it’s metal but is it blackened metal? Rimfrost touts the album as a “A Swedish Black Metal Blizzard,” which is an interesting description because Sweden isn’t really known for its Black Metal – Sweden’s specialty is ye olde Death Metal.* And honestly “Veraldar Nagli” has more in common with Amon Amarth than Burzum or even other Black Metal bands like Vreid. There are no bacon sizzling treble tremolo guitars here, lots of “cookie monster” vocals instead of spectral blackened vocals. In the end, it doesn’t matter which label you want to stick on this record because it bludgeons regardless of which genre of “extreme” metal it gets stuck in.

*http://www.myspace.com/rimfrostofficial, accessed 12.2.10

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