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Nick’s Condensed Metal Reviews

Swans - "My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky" (2010)


They say brevity is the soul of wit – well most metal cares little for brevity and would eat/destroy your soul if it could. Here are some quick thoughts on music I like or don’t that has some (often tenuous) relation to metal.

Swans – “My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky“: The heavy moments of this are pretty much what I am looking for when I troll the internet for metal. 30 years of skill, work and talent. White hot, atom splitting transcendence. My favorite band ever. Swans – “No Words/No Thoughts”

Deathspell Omega – “Paracletus” You’ll read more about this slab of vinyl later here on Pitch Black Brigade. Horrible/Beautiful Qliphothic emanations from disturbed and ravenous minds. These guys are operating on a much higher level than pretty much EVERYONE else in metal and I am glad to benefit from their quest (as should be the goal in all art) to figure out just what the fuck is going on here. And by here I mean reality. The whole satanism thing is a reactionary misapprehension as far as I am concerned, but that is ok. They are eloquent and possessed of genius in the exploration of that misapprehension.

Agalloch – “Marrow of the Spirit“: I honestly can’t see what the big deal is. It doesn’t suck, but not sucking is a far cry from the slavering reviews this has received. Makes me think of poor dead Gary. Ya know: Diff’rent Strokes. It also makes me think of the renaissance fair, those giant turkey drumsticks in particular – not sure why.

Burzum – “Belus“: Makes me really glad for WITTR, Deathspell Omega and all the other interesting and intelligent metal bands out there. I can turn to them when I need a fix of the dark ‘n’ heavy, and I don’t have to listen to this douchebag. The misguided douche is clearly some kind of savant, though. This is no “Filosofem,” but it is undeniably good.

SUNN O)) – “Monoliths & Dimensions“: Genius. Especially Alice. Which is tribute to Alice Fucking Coltrane. These guys have clearly received some special mojo from – ya know – down below or something. And by that I mean their bowels. Art galleries ? Homemade Richard Serra t-shirts ? Trombones ? Yes.

Nadja: The 17 and a half HOURS of music in my library. On the island of metal, it is nice to know that the professors in Nadja are here to school the corpse paint wearing Gilligan-esqe hordes in the science of heavy. But they put out too much music. Seriously.

Mount Eerie – “Wind’s Dark Poem“: Kinda like J Mascis and Varg Vikernes get together to watch Twin Peaks in their jammies. And maybe cuddle.

Family Band – “Miller’s Path“: Not metal at all, yet it is. Husband/Wife hipsters go rural and play darkly atmospheric folk. Check out the Priest/Maiden but clean guitar riffs Definitely a novel and satisfying combination.

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    Fuck yes. Great effective reviews.

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