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Tsjuder – Black Metal’s Discharge

Tsjuder - "Desert Northern Hell"

Tsjuder – “Desert Northern Hell” (A Season of Mist, 2004)

I try to write a review at least once a week but I haven’t penned one in a while because, honestly, I was tired of listening to Black Metal that didn’t rock. I was sick of listening to bands that sounded like Black Metal Depeche Mode, Black Metal Journey or Black Metal Genesis. A metalhead has his limits, friends – it may be blackened but it’s still supposed to be heavy. And just when I despaired I would never find a Black Metal album that would stomp a mud hole in Satan’s ass, I stumbled upon Tsjuder’s “Desert Northern Hell.”

Tsjuder are a trio of insane corpse paint posse dudes from Oslo, Norway who have been traveling a dark path since 1993. Unfortunately, though, “ Tsjuder called it quits in 2006. But their last album, “Desert Northern Hell” has no silly, 5-minute, atmospheric, Gothic intros and no useless, dollar store Wagnerian symphonic pretensions – just lots and lots of uncompromising blackened metal. And it is a different sort of uncompromising from bands like Deathspell Omega. Deathspell Omega’s relentlessness originates in an idea, their theology, if you will. Their ideology came first and the music followed. Tsujuder is just the opposite – their intensity comes from the music.

Here, listen to the disc’s first cut, “Malignant Coronation.” It will give you an idea about what I am talking about:

Tsjuder – “Malignant Coronation”


Now I just want to give you the idea that “Desert Northern Hell” features the most creative or innovative Black Metal out there. It doesn’t. Tsjuder actually play pretty generic Black Metal but the difference is the fact that they play it harder and rougher than any of the other cats in blackened metal land.

You can really hear the punk influence on “Malignant Coronation.” Punk rock is always listed as one of the influences on Black Metal but it is usually difficult to hear it. I actually hear the influence of British punk icons, Discharge. Now let’s get this out of the way right now: Tsjuder are not even close to as good as Discharge, Tsjuder’s songs aren’t not as heavy or as hook-laden as Discharge’s work, and “Desert Northern Hell” isn’t nearly as well recorded or mixed as Discharge’s vintage Clay Records stuff.

“Desert Northern Hell” is the punkest, hardest and rockin’-est Black Metal record I’ve heard so far. I hope there are more like this one out there.

  1. October 19, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Glad somone else enjoys this album. Agree that it rocks, hard. Kind of thing I like to but on after half a dozen G&Ts.

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