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Metal Memories from Behind the Iron Curtain

Accept - "Balls to the Wall" (1983)

By Agnieszka

Pitch Black Bridage welcomes our newest contributor – Agnieszka.  Here are some of her memories of metal in Polska – well, ok, it’s Accept so it’s sort of metal.  Welcome, Agnes!

It came unexpectedly, like a lightning bolt from the sky. I was enjoying my sandwich and daydreaming about what girls usually daydream about –shoes, when I heard that high pitched *ping*. New message! Hooray! I glanced at the screen to see the origin of the missive. The high priest of the Pitch Black Brigade, himself. What the hell does he want now, I thought. A curt, yet gentle order was starring me in the face: “So are you going to write your first post to the Black Metal blog about Kreator?” I smirked.  How could I say ABSOLUTELY NOT! to that?

I remember Kreator from my days in Poland! But my memory of them is severely clouded by a different memory, also Teutonic in origin. Of tall men in black, tight leather pants, lots of long blond, curly hair, strangely shaped guitars, and a little chubby dude with a menacing facial expressions, prancing around the stage, singing in a language I knew not. Their name was Accept. This video was on every (all two of them) channel of the state owned TV in 1984 or so.

Accept – “Balls to the Wall”:

As a 9 year old, I think I was impressed. More, I think, by a German band singing in English, and the non-rock’n’roll physique of the front man, than Accept‘s musical prowess. But, perhaps it is time to reevaluate. The video does look pretty good with no sound on, however.